What Do Geckos Eat?


Geckos are predatory, so they like to chase and catch live food. Their most common cuisine is insects. Crickets are definitely a favorite. When in captivity they will also eat meal and wax worms.
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Gecko's like to eat meat. They really like to eat cricket's, mealworm's, silk worm's, and wax worm's. If you have one for a pet you will need to make sure that they are getting enough vitamin's and protein.
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What geckos eat can differ depending on the type. All geckos eat insects, but leopard geckos, which are the most common type kept as pets, can eat pink mice as well as insects.
Geckos eat a variety of worms and crickets. Feed crickets as one of the main foods to a leopard gecko. Use commercially grown live or freeze-dried crickets that have been gut loaded
Geckos eat small crickets, mealworms, cockroaches, spiders, and other bugs. Generally they will eat any insect smaller than their heads. Pet geckos can be fed crickets or wax worms.
Geckos eat insects of all kinds. Larger species of gecko can catch and eat young lizards, mice
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get turtle pellets. In the wild, they eat insects. ...
Most geckos eat about 2 to 3 insects as often as every couple days. They mainly eat crickets, meal worms and spiders to name a few. Baby geckos eat fruit flies ...
Small insects and worms make up Geckos' main source of diet. Geckos should be fed crickets twice a day until they are 7 months old. Once they are over ...
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