What Do German Shepherds Eat?


German shepherds should be given a healthy, varied diet to ensure they are at their best, with an emphasis on natural dog foods. They should also be given a whole raw chicken or rabbit to eat from time to time, as gnawing on the bones will help to keep the dog's teeth clean. Avoid giving the dog cooked bones as they can splinter and cause injury.
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1. Decide whether you want to adopt a puppy or an older German Shepherd. Contact breeders or rescue groups in your area. Realize that a young puppy requires more guidance and time
1. Carefully consider the requirements of a German Shepherd by reading as much as you can about the breed. Many people are unaware of how much time and attention are required to help
Typically, German Shepherds eat two or three small meals each day instead of
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German shepherds normally eat meat, fish, chicken and cheese. These animals can also be fed on grains, beans, berries, vegetables such as carrots and fruits. The German shepherd can be a selective eater that will sometimes become disinterested in food for a day or so.
German Shepherds will eat anything any other breed of dog will eat. It may be dry or canned dog food. They may also be fed table scraps.
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