What do gold markings mean?


Though not required by law, most gold jewelry pieces carry a quality mark that denotes the proportion of pure gold each contains. The letter "K" in the mark stands for the word "karat," the unit used in the gold-content rating system.

Pure gold is defined as being 24K, or 24 parts gold with no other metal added. As gold of this purity is too soft for jewelry applications, it is often mixed with base metals to make it harder and more durable. Most commonly available pieces range from 22K to 10K or a gold content of 92 percent to 42 percent.

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1. Gently wipe down the hallmark stamp area on the jewelry, coin, or gold item with the polishing side of the jewelry polishing cloth. 2. Look at the hallmark, using the jeweler's
920 is 92.0% Gold or 22K Gold.
Very often the mark on a gold necklace is found on the clasp. It will tell you
Under a Gold Standard, there is no "market price" for Gold ... at least not within any one country on the standard. Gold would always be bought & sold at the only
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