What Do Gorilla Eat?


Gorillas are predominantly herbivores and they usually eat plant materials. The plants they eat are fruits, leaves, seeds, plant bulbs, tree barks, flowers and plant shoot. Occasionally, gorillas are known to complement their diet with insects such as ants and termites.
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What gorillas feed on largely depends on their habitat and the moment of the year. For instance, mountain gorillas primarily eat green plant parts, while lowland gorillas feed on a lot of fruits. However, during the dry season, a few juicy fruits are normally available and therefore the animals take more seeds and tree barks.
Some of the foods that are eaten by gorillas include: leaves, stems, roots, vines, herbs, trees, as well as grasses. They use their hands and mouth to collect and prepare food. However, gorillas seldom drink water.
Gorillas are mammals and found in the wild. They mostly feed on (vegetation) fruits, flowers, stems, barks, shoots, bulbs and leaves. They select their food depending on the taste and benefits to their bodies. They rarely take water since most of their food provides them with enough water for their system. They do not feed on animals (flesh) but for proteins and fats, they eat ants and termites.
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