What Do Grizzly Bears Eat?


Grizzly bear is directly related to the brown bear and symbolises the American wilderness. Grizzly bear originally came from Eurasia; nowadays they occupy the northern region of America, including Alaska, Western Canada. They usually consume a wide variety of fruits, berries, bulbs, tubers and nuts also insects and grubs, honey, fish among the others.
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Brown Bears are omnivorous, eating almost anything nutritious.
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Grizzly bears will eat plants, insects, berries and nuts from trees, grubs, etc. They will also eat fish from streams and are quite good at catching them themselves.
nothing eats grizzly bears a T-Rex might if it wasn't extinct but well. you know anyway besides the point nothing on this plant will eat a grizzly bear.
Because grizzly bears are foragers, the plants they eat depend on the seasons. In spring, grizzly bears eat the newly-revealed grass, clover, dandelions and other green plants. In
Although Grizzly Bears are looked at as top predators in these times they exhibit behavioral
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The Grizzly bear is also known as the silver tip bear. They are meat and plant eaters. They eat large as well as smaller available meats like deer, bison, moose ...
they eat people dah ...
A Grizzly bear is a subspecies of the brown bear which tend to be solitary animals and are mainly found in North America. These bears are normally big and powerful ...
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