What do grubs look like?


Grubs are large, white, curved larvae with feet protruding from the upper torso. Grubs are the larvae of beetles and spend the first stages of their lives in the soil eating roots. These C-shaped creatures have fat, puffy bodies in their larval stage.

Grubs are the larvae of any number of beetles including Japanese beetles and the masked chafer. Grubs can destroy a lawn or garden by eating the root system of grass, shrubs and small plants. According to experts at About.com, predators such as raccoons and birds can also damage a lawn's root system as they forage for the tasty grubs.

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What Do Grubs Look Like?
A grub is generally considered the larval form of a beetle. There are many species of beetles and therefore many forms of grubs that can be found in many lawns and gardens. They do, however, have many characteristics that are similar making it possible... More »
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