What Do Hair Lowlights Look like?


Lowlights are the direct opposite of highlights. Instead of lightening the hair, lowlights add depth and darken the hair.
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1. Choose lowlight colors that are three shades deeper than your present hair color. This will add a dimension to your hair color, while still keeping a natural look. 2. Choose colors
1. Visit a drugstore or beauty supply store to choose your colors. Some hair dye manufacturers already have products made especially for "at home" lowlights. Pick this if
that would look bad. okay, the answer is what it looks like. if that doesn't help draw someonw with blonde hair, black low lights. or, look at someone with blonde hair, black highlights
light brown!
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Lowlights are hair colouring techniques which add darker hues and tones to strands of hair. ...
Brown hair is a Beauty in itself. To enhance and highlight its look further, people generally get hair highlights done. ...
Blond/blonde or fair-hair is a hair colour characterized by low levels of the dark pigment eumelanin. The resultant visible hue depends on various factors, but ...
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