What Do Hedgehogs Eat?


Hedgehogs prefer foods that have a high fat and sugar content such as: insects, snails, frogs and toads, snakes, earthworms, bird eggs, carrion, beetles, caterpillars, mushrooms, grass roots and earthworms as well as berries, melons, and watermelons. Hedgehogs are omnivorous animals that prefer feeding on a variety of insects, specially slugs and snails.
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Hedgehogs eat insects, snails, frogs, eggs, carrion, fungi and berries.
There are various animals that eat hedgehogs like; foxes, ferrets, weasels, hawks and owls. However, the hedgehog has sharp quills which it uses for defence against its predators. Hedgehogs are spiky mammals which are native to Australia.
Hedgehogs are preyed on by foxes. Foxes are the only serious threat to these animals because they are fast in attacking them. Nevertheless, hedgehogs generally have little to fear from predators because of their spikes.
Hedgehogs are insectivores, they eat beetles,moth larvae, worms, and caterpillars
Hedgehogs in the wild eat insects and what ever else they can find. In captivity hedgehogs eat meal worms and hedgehog food. They have a very specialized diet and need to be fed food that is balanced for them.
Hedgehogs enjoys eating both meat and plants. As a pet they eat cat food, vegetables, fruits and meat that has been cooked. In the wild they eat a lot of berries too.
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