What Do Herpes Look like?


The 'classic' symptoms that most people associate with genital herpes are sores, vesicles, or ulcers - all of which can also be called 'lesions'. The skin may be swollen, red and sensitive around the infected area.
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Genital herpes symptoms include the appearance of small, painful blisters filled with clear or straw-colored fluid on the anus, the thighs or buttocks as well as the outer vaginal lips (labia), vagina, and cervix on women and the penis and scrotum on men.
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Herpes on a woman may portray various symptoms some of which are visible while others are not. Among the visible symptoms, the skin in the vagina and neighbouring ...
A herpes blister looks like a paper cut or a mosquito bite and at times it usually has a white head. These blisters are usually transparent, whitish, yellowish ...
Herpes usually have the appearance of a blister or sore. Common forms of herpes you may have seen are cold sores, chicken pox, and shingles. For images: . ...
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