What Do Hindus Eat?


There is a great diversity of Indian food due to the influence of many cultures. Some of these foods are meat kofta curry, badam halwa, badam halwa, murg masala, anarsa and shankarpali. Even though most Hindus are vegetarians, many Hindus eat meat presently.
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What Do Hindus Eat?
Hinduism is considered the world's oldest living religion and is today the third largest religion of the world. For religiously observant Hindus, diet has long been inextricably entwined with religious practices and beliefs in not only what they eat, but... More »
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Hindus eat fruits, vegetables, grain, nuts and dairy products. Meat, poultry, fish and eggs are forbidden. Devoted Hindus abstain from garlic, onions, mushrooms, any alcohol, tea and coffee.
They can eat anything, but according to their religion they must not kill or eat any living creature.
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Hinduism is the 3rd largest religion in the world. Hindus are basically vegeterians. Some hindus eat meat but on certain days of the week. They worship the COW so they do not eat
Geography The Hindu religion emerged primarily from India, long called Hindustan. India is located in southeast Asia, bordered by Bangladesh, China, Pakistan, Nepal, Myanmar, Bhutan
Every Hindu I've ever known, has been an ovo-lacto vegetarian. They ate eggs and dairy products, but not meat. That means you have met only a small number of hindus. A large majority
In Hinduism, the cow (Sanskrit: go) is revered as the source of food and symbol of life and
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Not all Hindus avoid eating meat. Majority of them who do not eat meat follow a balanced vegetarian diet. In addition, almost all avoid beef out of respect for ...
For breakfast, Hindus eat anything categorised as Sattvic foods, which includes; fruits, nuts, whole grains and vegetables. These foods are actually believed to ...
In Hinduism, the cow is sacred as the source of food and is a sign of life that can never be killed. There is no sin in beef eating but abstaining brings great ...
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