What Do Horses Eat?


Horses eat eggs, chaff, apples and carrots, bran, barley, linseed, maize, horse nuts or mixes, cod liver oil, root vegetables, oats, salt, sea weed, dried sugar beet pulp and mollichop. The horses can also take grass and all plant materials.
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Wondering what horses eat? A horse needs to eat two to three percent of its body weight every day to maintain its current weight. If you have an active or a growing horse, it will
Horses can take care of their own diet most of the time. They roam around in open spaces, the larger the better, munching on fresh blades of grass. But depending on where you live
Any meat eating animal presented with horse meat would eat it. Embed Quote
Well most animals will not eat a live horse, but on the other hand though. Most of your large cats will attemp to attack a horse but to take it down is another story. I live in TN
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Horses are fed on by wolves, grizzly bears and mountain lions. Wild horses often find themselves in risky situations where they are hunted by these animals. Domesticated horses are rarely attacked by these animals since they are often in enclosures such as stables.
Horses feed on grass and plant materials such as legumes. A selection of the best legumes to feed your horses includes: peas, beans, peanuts, lentils, alfalfa and carob. Carrots, hay and fruits such as apples are also part of this diet.
Horses love to eat grass and plant materials. They eat a mixture of grass and legumes which is commonly known as hay. These legumes include peas, beans, peanuts, lentils, alfalfa and carob. They also feed on fruits such as apples and carrots.
Horses are grazing animals and forage feed is necessary for the proper functioning of their digestive system. They eat: oats, sugar cubes, carrots, hay, grass, barley, maize, dried sugar beet pulp, chaff, alfalfa, linseed, apples among others.
Horses eat hay, pasture, concentrates and they also take water.
They eat a lot of things such as hay, oats, grass, apples, carrots and many root vegetables. They are foraging animals so they will feed on most anything they can find to eat.
Horses really don't eat to many things. They really like to eat grain and hey. Horses are herbivores so they like to eat grass and any plant material.
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Horses do eat apples and in fact, the apples provide some additional nutrients. Feeding your horse fruits such as apples, carrots or parsnips is considered as ...
Horses are herbivores. They enjoy grazing in the fields, eating alfalfa or hay, or eating concentrates such as oats, grains, and sweet feed. You can find more ...
Cabbage leaves are an example of food that horses like eating. Vegetables can be added to horse diets and it can encourage poor feeders to eat their food. Other ...
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