What Do House Flies Eat?


House flies have mouths that are designed to take in liquids. However, if they come upon a desirable solid such as meat, sugar, or fecal matter, they employ a process which renders the food into a liquid. After scraping the solid food into flakes, a housefly will essentially vomit saliva and digestive juices onto the intended meal and wait for it to be broken down into a softer, more liquid state.
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House flies are known to feed on any decaying or wet matter. They are also fascinated by other wastes like that of pests because of the strong smell. Flies have strong tongues that are shaped like straws with which they use to suck up the food they find.
House flies will eat any food that is left over by humans or animals. They drink anything also. They lick the food, usually the garbage because they do not have any teeth.
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Houseflies are scavengers. They will eat just about anything such as scraps left from other animals, food scraps in garbage cans, dead and decaying wild animals. While they do not
a spider. or it just dies within 2 weeks that's there life span.
1. Place a fly attractant inside a masonry jar. Attractants are sold at some gardening stores, often including housefly pheromones. Do-it-yourself attractants include old fish, meat
House flies eat any wet or decaying matter, but they are particularly attracted to pet
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