What should I do if a man stood me up for a date?


The first thing to do when you are stood up for a date is ensure the other person is okay, according to Match.com. Sometimes emergencies happen, and people respond to them in strange ways. If an emergency has taken place and you are still interested in going out with him, reschedule for another day, and consider discussing some ground rules in case a future emergency arises.

If there was no emergency and a person stands you up, consider not going out with him on further dates. Do not call him. When a person stands you up, he is demonstrating he does not have respect for your time or consideration for your feelings. If this lack of communication is not dealt with, you are setting yourself up for additional letdowns and other inconsiderate behavior.

Dealing with the emotional effects of being stood up is often difficult. Although you may feel embarrassed and angry, it is best for you to accept the situation and move on. CNN advises that this person is not worth time or attention. CNN also advises to keep in mind his behavior is not in any way a reflection of your self-worth; know you deserve better, and you are sure to eventually attract someone who appreciates you.

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