Can I Use He Detergent in a Regular Washer?


If you have used regular detergent in a high efficiency washer you could have an over sudsing effect. This can cause your washer to malfunction. You will need to remove the clothes and rinse them by hand. Allow the washer to complete the rinse cycle to remove the rest of the soap from the basin.
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1. Pour the manufacturer-recommended amount of the high efficiency laundry detergent into the measuring cup/cap. You do not have to alter the amount that you add to the machine to
HE laundry detergent is formulated to produce fewer suds similar to automatic dish washer detergent. Supposedly, it is fine to use in a regular washer, and you would use the same
Use regular detergent only when there isn't any HE
It depends on what size load of wash you have. It would be the same as if you were using the regular detergent. Always remember to measure the detergent for each individual wash.
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