What Do I Do If My Dog Won't Stop Sneezing?


Like humans, dogs can sneeze for a relatively long period of time for various reasons. Allergy, dust and pollens in the air that can trigger an irritation in the nasal passages of the dog - are some of their causes. . It can also be a symptom of a cold. Stroking the side might help calm the dog. Check this out for more info - .
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1. Encourage your dog to swallow. Gently rub the dog's throat or briefly pinch its nostrils to stimulate it to swallow, suggests the Pet Place website. 2. Place one of your hands
Take your dog to the vet and the people will tell you what to do. Until you know why he is sneezing, you can't know what to do about it. There could be many causes from viral infections
Take him to the vet. He may have a grass seed or fox tail in his nose. Also sneezing a lot can be a symptom of pneumonia.
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