What do I do to make my house less dusty?


Homeowners can create a cleaner indoor environment by changing air filters regularly and using cleaning products that remove dust rather than displace it. Additionally, beating rugs and cushions outdoors helps free their trapped dust.

Dust, dirt, skin flakes and pet dander circulate throughout the air in everyone's house. A dirty air filter does little to remove these substances, so homeowners need to replace it every one to three months. The correct frequency is determined by the type of filter used. For people who run their air conditioner almost constantly, they need to check your filters more often and replace them as needed.

Using a feather duster stirs up dust and debris, temporarily removing it from the surface. Feathers may remove some dust, but the rest will float upward before settling back down. The same applies to dry rags. Homeowners can look for cleaning products that attract and retain dust instead of distributing it. A damp cloth picks up more dust, as do micro fiber cloths and disposable wipes that contain waxes or oils.

Dust and dander cling to fibers in carpets, rugs and cushions. Each time someone sits or steps on one, it raises small clouds of dust. Vacuuming removes some of this dust, and homeowners can remove more by taking the textiles outdoors and hitting them with a broom. In the future, homeowners might consider non-fabric alternatives, such as tiled floors or leather furniture. Using slipcovers also reduces dust.

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What Do I Do to Make My House Less Dusty?
Try as you might, you'll never completely rid your home of dust. It's filled with dust-producing items like furnishings and clothing that shed fiber, people who shed flakes of skin, and millions of dust mites whose droppings cause uncomfortable reactions... More »
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