What should you eat if you have a sour stomach?


Easily digestible, bland and light foods are indicated as the proper choices for those suffering from a sour stomach, an umbrella term used to describe a large number of conditions related to poor digestion and stomach pain, according to New Health Guide. The site states that healthy foods are the optimal choices for help in maintaining proper nutrition levels.

One of the primary staples for eating when the stomach is upset is bananas. Bananas are very easy to digest and they are fiber-rich. Fiber helps people maintain a feeling of fullness and gives bulk to stool. Bananas are rich in vitamins and nutrients that help build immunity. In addition, rice and oatmeal are easily digestible grains that help to solidify stools and maintain a feeling of fullness, notes New Health Guide.

Ginger root is used in teas and soups to help alleviate the pain of a sour stomach. Ginger alleviates nausea, bloating and gas. Ensuring that the body is hydrated is also vital when suffering a stomach illness, especially when a person is vomiting or suffering diarrhea. Peppermint tea eases nausea and rehydrates the body. Fruit juice and other herbal teas are additional choices for hydration. If vomiting is experienced, sipping water frequently and nibbling on crackers helps as well. Probiotics in yogurt also help to ease stomach pains, according to New Health Guide.

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