What Do I Feed My Turtle?


Your pet turtle requires a healthy, balanced, turtle diet which should be comprised of feeder fish, turtle sticks and constant supply of fresh water. One sure sign of poor nutrition is presence of cloudy skin patches, or milky eyes.
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There are different types of turtles and whatever a turtle feeds on depends on its breed and its natural habitat. e.g. River Cooters eat a diet primarily composed of plants only, while Map Turtles prefer animal matter; American Box Turtles are omnivores who eat a little bit of everything; The Malayan Box Turtle should eat plenty of plants with just a little bit of animal matter, but the Chinese 3-Striped Box Turtle eats 'meats' almost exclusively. Its always good to determine which type of turtle is your pet and you can feed accordingly.
What you feed your turtle depends on the type of turtles you have. Some eat meat some eat vegetables. The best thing to do is to buy turtle food at the pet store. Or you can read up on the type of turtle you have to know what he eats in the wile, and you can supplement his turtle food with that. You can find more information here: http://www.turtlepuddle.org/health/turtlefood.html
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There are many things out there you can feed your baby turtles. You may want to go to the local pet store to see what they have and go from there. You can find more information here
Turtles love fresh fruits and vegetables, and these foods provide them with some much-needed calcium. Make a tiny salad for your pet each day. The salad can include any type of lettuce
1 For hatchlings, aquatic turtle pellets would be the best choice. these will need to be broken in fourths. Ad 2 Along with floating food sticks, little pieces of lettuce are good
My science teacher feeds her pet turtle veggies. i feed mine raw fish, frogs from outside, toads, raw chicken ,raw beef, worms, but i dont feed it vegies my snapper is greedy.
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It depends on the species of the turtle. They love fresh fruits, veggies, worms, and live bugs. Try feeding them on a rock instead of in a bowl. ...
Painted turtles like to eat various forms of creatures for protein including crickets, tadpoles, earth worms, blood worms, and snails. They also eat different ...
Things that you can feed turtles are insects, turtle food from a pet store, lettuce, small live fish, berries, cabbage, alfalfa and clover. ...
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