How Can I Make a Voodoo Doll That Works?


Some of the requirements you need to make a voodoo doll include strong sticks, spanish moss, beads to use as eyes and tacky glue. You can also find other materials by visiting mysticvoodoo website, which also contains detailed information on how to construct it.
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To make a voodoo doll, you will need two strong sticks, some Spanish moss, fabric, needle and buttons. Make a cross shape with the sticks; wound the Spanish moss on it and tie the fabric round. Knit it and attach buttons with the needle and thread for eyes.
To make a voodoo doll, first make a cross shape with two sticks and tie them with a string. Secondly, wrap the moss around the sticks and thirdly, take your fabric strips and wrap around the moss and sticks. Take your beads or buttons and attach them with the needle and thread for eyes and stock feathers in the top of its head and lastly, add the seven pins on its chest.
To make a voodoo doll you will need 2 strong wood sticks, moss or cotton stuffing, 2 feet of fabric cut 2 inch wide, yarn, string, 2 beads, needle and thread and 7 head pins. First make a cross with the two sticks. At the point where the two sticks meet, use the string to tie the sticks together. Then wrap the moss or stuffing around the sticks. Wrap the stuffing tight around the sticks to create the body. Next wrap the body with fabric. Slowly wind your fabric around the body, over both arms and down the base of the body. Leave some stuffing showing at the top for hair. Secure the fabric with needle and thread by sewing a small seam at the bottom. Use the beads and yarn to create eyes and a mouth. Now dress the doll by putting clothes on the doll and enhance with accessories. And the doll will be ready.
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