What Do I Write to Someone Who Is Dying?


A nice thing to write to someone who is dying is how they have been an important part of your life and how glad you are to have met them. Offer words of encouragement and keep your message positive.
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If someone is dying, then you don't want to send a sympathy card. You should use a thinking of you card, and write something comforting or positive. Here are some examples of what
1. View. Write a Haiku Poem. to get a general idea of the format of the poem. Ad. 2. Identify why you are writing to the person. Is it a thank you note, a love note, or just something
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You can write to someone who is dying through putting down the best times you shared together. This will help them cherish these memories and help them to forget their sorrows. This will show them that you care and an indication that you do not wish for what is happening. you can also include any photos that you took together to encourage sweet memories.
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