What Do Inner and Outer Planets Have in Common?


Inner planets and outer planets are common in terms of its circular movement, spherical shape. The inner and outer planets revolve around the sun however there different times to complete a single revolution on a single planet.
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The inner and outer planets all orbit the sun, are roughly spherical, and have an atmosphere. The inner planets have a solid surface, while the outer planets are mostly gas. The outer planets are much larger, are less dense, and orbit the sun much more slowly than the inner planets.
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They all have an atmospere, all have orbits, and all are in the shape of a spere (roughly) And they both are held up by the suns gravitational force.
All planets orbit the sun. The all orbit in a counterclockwise direction as seen looking down from above the north pole. They are all more or less spherical (actually mostly oblate)
Inner planets: Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars.
According to the Beacon Learning Center, because the four inner planets are solid, composed of rock and metals, they are also called "rocky" or "terrestrial" planets
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