What Do June Bugs Eat?


June bugs are a type of beetle. They are normally seen in late spring and summer. June bugs eat the leaves of walnut, oak, and other leaves. Young June bugs will eat grass roots.
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June bugs eat leaves and flowers as adults. As larvae they eat the roots of grass as well as other plants. These insects are important pests of forage, corn, sorghum and sugarcane though they can be nuisance around light.
June bugs eat the leaves from walnut and oak trees and also foliage from a lot of other plants. Grubs or the baby June bug eats organic matter in the soil.
June bugs can be a big head ache to many when it comes to what they like to eat. June bugs like some kinds of berries such as, raspberries and strawberries especially if they are over ripe. They also enjoy and help themselves to peaches, grapes and corn. Trees are not safe either, the leaves and bark of the walnut, plum and fig trees are fair game to the June bugs pallet.
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