What Do King Cobras Eat?


The king cobra is mainly eaten by the mongoose. The king cobra itself preys on birds, fish, snakes, frogs, chicks, toads, lizards and bird's eggs which form its main diet. The king cobra lays eggs which are then guarded by the female in between hunting trips.
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King cobras normally eat mice, rats and snakes. These animals can also be fed on fish, frogs, birds and lizards. They have venom from which they protect themselves and their food is mostly digested from their stomachs.
The King Cobras feeds on birds, fish, lizards, eggs, frogs, toads, as well as chicks they raid from poultry houses. They also eat small mammals like rats and rabbits, and even other snakes. The Cobras are very clever as they can learn fast, which helps them shun dangerous areas.
King Cobras eat a number of things. Some of these are: smaller snakes, birds, fish, frogs, toads, lizards, eggs, rabbits, rats, and other small mammals. They cannot chew their food, so they must swallow it whole. They can go for months without food.
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