What Do Koalas Eat?


A koala eats eucalyptus leaves. It is a nocturnal marsupial and categorised as an herbivore. A mature koala is about 91 centimetres long and weighs about 9 kilograms. Its life span is about 15 to 20 years.
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Koalas are herbivorous and the bulk of their diet comes from only a few eucalypt species.
The Koala lives almost entirely on leaves from eucalyptus trees, and occasionally even some non-eucalypt species such as Acacia, Leptospermum, and Melaleuca.
Koalas are marsupial herbivores. They eat mainly eucalyptus leaves. They eat mostly at night, and spend about three hours doing so. They will sometimes vary in their diets and eat other non-eucalypt leaves.
Koalas mostly eat eucalyptus leaves. These leaves are toxic, low in nutrition and many animals can't eat them. Other thing that they eat are the gum tree blossoms.
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