What Do Leopard Frogs Eat?


Leopard frogs are a spotted frog found in Canada and the United States. They were often used in school biology classes, but have become a threatened species. They eat insects, other frogs, worms and what ever else they can find.
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Leopard frogs are carnivorous amphibians. Their diet consists of flies, beetles, worms, leafhoppers, snails and ants. They sometimes eat vertebrate animals, including garter snakes. You can find more information here: http://www.env.gov.bc.ca/wld/frogwatch/whoswho/factshts/northlep.htm
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Leopard frogs like to have a diverse diet of algae and animal matter they've gotten from the water. They will eat spiders, slugs, and snails. Look here for more information: http:
Leopard frogs are carnivorous. Insects, spiders and worms are the main staples of a leopard frog's diet. Larger specimens hunt for small snakes and birds. When leopard frogs are in
insects and small vertebrates.
You can feed your leopard frog crickets or meal
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Leopard frogs eat insects, worms and spiders. They are found in mostly meadows and fields. Leopard frogs love to eat anything that is small and moved. ...
Lions and tigers eat leopards. Hyenas and all scavengers will eat a wounded leopard or its young. Lions and tigers will openly attack one. ...
The northern leopard frog tadpoles are considered to be herbivores. They tend to feed on algae and other plants in the aquatic environment. They grow quite quickly ...
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