What Do Lizard Eat?


Lizards will eat bugs, termites, beetles, crickets, grasshoppers and some plants. Bigger lizards will even eat birds. There are many types and sizes of lizards and they will eat different foods.
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Lizards eat a variety of foods depending on the species. Lizard diets primarily include insects, but also fruits, plants and small animals.
Lizards eat mostly any insect it can catch. Crickets, flies, and even worms. Some lizard species are vegetarians, and will only eat fruits and leaves.
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A lizard could become a snack for a bird, snake, cat or even a larger lizard. In some countries, people even eat lizards. Why? Are you looking for a new pet to help control a lizard
The natural habitat of the Rainbow Lizard is found in areas of Africa, where the reptile has adapted to survive around human habitations and campsites. In the U.S. the lizard is found
Birds of prey.
Lizards eat ants and other insects that they find on trees.
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Yes, lizards eat cockroaches. A lizard's diet contains of small insects depending on its size. While big lizards can eat bigger insects like cockroaches, smaller ...
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