What Do Lizard Eggs Look like?


Lizard eggs are small and white and may be oval or round shaped. They are smaller than turtle eggs. The eggs can be as small as a piece of M&M’s chocolate.
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They are either white or a pale yellow. They are smaller than a penny. And i hope you don't mistake them for a pebble and kick it!
Females can lay single eggs every two weeks. These eggs, which look like
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Lizard eggs are normally small white eggs that have either an oval or round shape and are also tough-skinned. They are normally buried in warm sand until they hatch. The eggs normally hatch in about seven days and the hatchlings feed on insects.
Lizard eggs can start off looking very small like pea sized shaped. They can be yellow to white in color with brown specks on the outer shell.
Lizard eggs are white oval shaped and look like the eggs of a turtle. The Florida lizard eggs are eggs that are being laid by lizards. Lizards normally lay 1000 eggs at a time and bury them in the sand where is warm so that they can hatch. Florida lizards are commonly found in the South of Florida.
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