What Do Luna Moths Eat?


Luna moths, or actias luna, do not eat since they do not have mouths. Once they emerge from their cocoon, their only goal is to mate. When they're in their caterpillar stage, they eat plants.
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usually just animals that would eat any other kinda moth like birds, bats, and arachnids. hope i helped!
Moth larvae love to eat hickory and walnut leaves. Adult Luna Moths have no mouth - they
1. Use your fingers to gently place the caterpillar eggs in one of the plastic tubs; do not include any branches or leaves, and do not make air holes in the container. Record the
They eat plants and leaves from many types of bushes or trees, some preferred are: Sweetgum, American Beech, Red Maple, hickories, White Oak, Black Cherry, willows, American Chestnut
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Luna moths actually don't eat because they don't have a mouth. Their only purpose is to mate. Once they mate, they will usually die within one week.
Luna moths actually do not eat anything. The reason for this is because they do not have a mouth to do so. Although they are bigger in size than any other moth, they only live a week at the most.
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