How to Get Rid of Mealy Bugs?


Mealy bugs are incredibly hard to get rid of. One way that is natural is to use lady bugs. They eat the mealy bugs. Pesticides are hard to use to get rid of them.
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1. Inspect new plants thoroughly before bringing them into your home to ensure that they are not infected with mealybugs. If you bring the mealybugs in from another plant, they can
Mealy bugs ussually eat cacti.
mealy bug: scalelike plant-eating insect coated with a powdery waxy secretion
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Mealy bug is mainly characterised by gray waxy thread like covering with scales. This covering makes them resemble specks of cotton clinging to an African Violet ...
The name of a tiny bug that looks like cotton flying may be a mealy bug. These bugs only fly in their adult stage but look like a piece of cotton on your plants. ...
The dreaded mealy bug is 1-4 millimeters in length. They have oval shaped bodies and are covered with a cottony looking wax that causes your plant to look like ...
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