What Do Millipedes Eat?


Some of the foods to feed millipedes include: decaying sycamore and oak leaves with moss, fruits, lettuce, and cucumber. They are arthropods that have two pairs of legs per segment and there are over 10,000 known species.
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Millipedes eat decomposing vegetation.
Millipedes feed on dead plants and also living plants. These can include roots, stems, leaves and wood and can even destroy a whole farm of potatoes. They live under logs, rocks and piles of leaves.
Millipedes feast on dead bug bodies, and dead plants mostly; however, there are certain species of millipede that eat live plants and often ruin crops. You can find more information here: http://www.gardensafari.net/english/centipedes.htm
Millipedes eat plants but they really like eating plants that are on their last leg. They like eating decaying plants. Millipedes are not meat eaters they just eat vegetation.
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