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Mood rings, which change colour to reflect the mood of the wearer, became a fashion craze in the 1970s. There is no single answer to the question, because the meaning depends on who is wearing the ring.
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A mood ring is a ring that contains a liquid crystal that changes color in response to the person’s body temperature. The different colors are said to mean different emotional states that there wearer is feeling. For example, black means the person is sad. Red means the person is in love.
Mood rings are suppose to turn colors when you put them on your fingers. The different colors of the ring mean different things. Whatever color it changes to is suppose to be the mood your in at that moment.
Mood rings mean feelings that it's wearer might have. Mood rings change their colors depending on the person's aura. For example, a ring can turn into black if its wearer is mysterious.
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The colors of a mood ring are black, red, yellow, green, blue and white. Other colors may be pink, purple, or orange. Colors change positively or negatively depending on your mood.
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1 Put the mood ring on your finger. It doesn't matter which one. Ad 2 Wait for the mood ring to stop changing colours.
A mood ring is said to change its color dependent on the wearers mood. Different colors can tell you what kind of mood you are in. Blue usually means happy.
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The colors of the mood rings are like the colors of the rainbow. Each color means something different. Black means nervous, Blue means lovable and Red means ...
A ring that contains a thermochromic element is referred to as a mood ring. The ring is said to change color based on one's body temperature. The color ...
You can find a mood rings color chart at many different online websites. Most of the charts are consistent with colors and meanings but there are always some that ...
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