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The moose feeds mainly on fresh leaves by browsing and it also feeds on the tips of twigs. In summer, the animal prefers pondweed. The other plant leaves that it feds on include white birch, pinch cherry and red marple.
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moose are herbivors so that means they eat grass and plants.
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Moose eat 40+ lbs of food/day. Twigs, roots, bark, and shoots of woody plants. Summer: water
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Moose eat leaves, twigs, bark, shrubs, lichens and aquatic plants.
Moose are in the deer family. They eat plants, so that makes them herbivores. Apparently they like wet places, and one plant they seem to like, which grows in water, is water lilies. You can find more information here: http://gildartphoto.com/weblog/2009/07/30/what-do-moose-eat
Moose diet consists of leaves, shoots, twigs, shrubs, a large variety of trees and pond lilies and pond weeds. As big as these animals are they have to eat a lot every day.
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Moose, being the largest of the different kinds of deer there are, can eat up to 100 pounds of plants each day. Moose like to eat twigs from certain trees. One ...
The stag moose was a large moose-like deer of North America of the Pleistocene epoch. It was faintly bigger than the moose, with an elk-like head, long legs, and ...
Moose have something in common with cows and sheep -- besides the fact that they have four legs and like to eat grass. A group of moose, just like a group of ...
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