What Do Mudpuppies Eat?


Mudpuppies are aquatic salamanders. They eat fish and other small creatures that live underwater, including insects, worms and fish eggs. They also eat larvae and snails.
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Mudpuppies eat crayfish, insect larvae, small fishes, fish eggs, worms, snails and other amphibians.
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crayfish, worms, and snails.
Mudpuppies eat a variety of aquatic organisms. They are opportunistic feeders and will eat
Tis all depends on what you have, there are a lot of different species that are commonly called mudpuppies or waterdogs. Try to figure out the scientific name or email me a picture.
Some water cows (a small fish bigger than the mudpuppy) will eat crab, catfish ,shark,human , the zebra star fish Anonymous
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A Mudpuppy is a salamander that makes the sound of a dog when it speaks. The Mudpuppy is known for being a carnivore rather than a herbivore. This means he eats ...
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