What Do Muskrats Eat?


Muskrats eat a wide variety of animal foods and vegetable such as sedges, rushes, water lilies, cattails, pondweeds, wild rice, clover, maple samaras, sweet flag, crayfish, snails, frogs, mussels, arrowhead acorns as well as fish.
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Muskrats are omnivorous mammals that eat a varied diet. They eat lots of plants including pondweeds and cattails. They also eat some meat including dead animals they find. You can find more information here: http://www.esf.edu/aec/adks/mammals/muskrat.htm
Muskrats eat a variety of plants. Among them are cattail roots, pondweeds, rushes, sedges, lily roots and stems of plants. They are a medium sized rodent that live in marshes, streams, ponds and rivers.
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