What Do Neon Tetras Eat?


Neon tetras are one of the most popular tropical fish in the world and are kept in many home aquariums. Neon tetras eat brine shrimp, flakes, small granules, small live or frozen food, or tubifex.
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What Do Neon Tetras Eat?
Neon tetras are small aquarium fish, generally less than an inch in length, that prefer to live in school of at least five. Known for their bright colors, neon tetras have bright stripes of blue along their body and splotches of bright red near their... More »
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Neon tetras are omnivorous animals that feed on brine shrimp, some good quality flakes and small granules as well as small live or frozen food. In a tank, they should only be fed what they can eat in 5 minutes as the rest will be left to rot.
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