What Do Orbs Look like?


Orbs come out in many diverse shapes and colours although most of them are white in colour. Orbs often follow an erratic pattern of light and are usually very fast. They are believed to be paranormal beings or spirits of the dead.
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Orbs are small, round luminous spheres of light captured in photographs. Mediums claim they are 'spirit bodies. Photographers claim they are 'lens flares. Or blobs of light caught
Orbs usually appear as circular or spherical balls of light. They also have paranormal connotations. Spooky!
Orbs are always angels.you may catch a few in pictures.so enjoy! God Bless
A Marbled Orb Weaver Look Like butterfly
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I think that when I look at planets without the aid of a telescope, they look pretty much like stars that dor I guess they look like the moon, just bright orbs. ...
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