What Do Orcas Eat?


Orcas or killer whales eat several diets such as fish, mammals (seals, sea lions, baleen whales and walruses), birds such as penguins and some type of sharks and sea rays. Orcas simply change their eating habits whenever they move from one place to another, adjusting swiftly to the available food in the area.
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Killer Whales eat a variety of species, ranging from fish to warm-blooded prey such as birds, seals or even other whales.
The Orca or Killer Whale enjoys a diet that consists of walruses, squid, seals, sea lions, birds turtles and otters. They are at the very top of the food chain consuming about 500 lbs of food on a daily basis.
An Orca or also referred to as killer whale favorite food is Salmon. They eat a variety of fish, herring, squid, seals otters, birds turtles and even dolphins.
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