What Do Organisms Need for Survival?


Most organisms need food, water, sunlight and oxygen to grow, develop and survive. Many living things also require minerals for healthy living. Both plants and animals are said to be organisms but plants make their own food whereas animals consume ready made food.
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All organisms need food, water, sunlight and oxygen to survive. Others are also in need of minerals and if these are not available or are scarce some organisms adapt to the new environment and find other ways of survival.
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All organisms need a source of energy be it in the form of food or light from the sun. The race itself needs to be able to reproduce. Organisms also need some ...
There are four basic things an organism needs to live. The first basic need is food. Food can be what you eat or it can be nutrients gathered from the sun or water ...
Living things have basic needs such as sunlight, water, food, drink, health, and so much more. If a living organism is not given the proper necessities that it ...
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