What Do Ostriches Eat?


The largest known living birds are Ostriches. Ostriches eat mostly plant matter like seeds, grass, shrubs, fruits and flowers but occasionally feed on small reptiles.
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Ostriches eat insects that they come in contact with. Their favorites include moths, crickets and grasshoppers. They will also eat worms when they are present. Frogs and small lizards
They mainly feed on seeds, shrubs, grass, and other plant matter; occasionally they also eat insects such as locusts. (Wikipedia)
Humans eat ostrich, as does large cats. A lot of animals will eat ostrich eggs.
Ostriches eat various seeds. grasses, bushes and forage on trees. They also eat small animals.
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The ostrich likes to eat things like grass, seeds. shrubs, roots, leaves, and flowers. They also like insects when available. They are the largest bird and lay the largest eggs.
Ostriches eat a variety of things. They enjoy bugs, a variety of plants, fruits, and many different types of vegetables. They also like a variety of seeds.
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Ostrich can eat almost anything such as lizard and small rodent, insects, fruits, root and plans. The ostrich is the biggest bird in the world having a small head ...
Ostriches feed on various types of seeds, grasses, small plants and forage on trees. They normally supplement their diet with animal food like invertebrates and ...
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