What Do Panthers Eat?


Panthers are classified as carnivores, which means that they are meat eaters. Panthers will eat any animals smaller than them, but normally they eat medium-sized mammals. Examples of the mammals that they eat include deer, monkeys, gazelles, and wild goats.
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Panthers eat hoofed mammals, mice, porcupines and hares.
Panthers are carnivores that only eat meat from animals such as feral hog, white-tailed deer, raccoon, and armadillo. They also consume rabbits, rats, and birds, and alligators. In times of severe food shortage, a black panther may feed on human flesh.
Panthers are great hunters; they're very fast and strong, making it easy to catch their prey. Panthers are carnivores and eat a variety of meat. They eat anything from birds and reptiles to deer and armadillos.
A panther mostly eats meat. They can eat birds, reptiles, or other mammals. Since the panther is extremely fast it is easy for them to catch their prey.
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