What Did People Wear in the 1950's?


The fashion of the 1950s remains very popular today. Women scour thrift shops for the full skirts and dress styles from the era. When interpreting the style of the 1950s, young women often wear poodle skirts, white ankle socks, saddle shoes and cat-eye gel
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In the 1950s men wore gray flannel suits and women wore dresses with pinched in waists and high heels.
Fashion successes were Bill Blass and his blue jeans, poodle skirts made of felt and decorated with sequins and poodle appliques, pony tails for girls, and flat tops and crew cuts for guys. Saddle shoes and blue suede loafers were popular.
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Girls in the 1950s wore pencil skirts, full skirts and calf-length dresses that had very small waistlines. These dresses were often sleeveless, and they were mainly ...
Common clothing for teenage girls in the 1950s included dress flats or high-heeled shoes, circle skirts that came to a below-knee length or tea length with starched ...
Men's attire in the 1950s, which remained relatively unchanged throughout the decade, featured suits, slacks, sport coats, sweaters, and porkpie and derby hats ...
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