What Do Pill Bugs Eat?


Pill bugs are known for eating mostly rotting vegetation. They will eat vegetables and drink water. The bugs have also been known to eat their own feces.
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They are scavengers that eat plants and animals alive or dead. They prefer decaying vegetation in general. They are distant relatives of crabs and shrimp.
Got a nasty bug problem? Or maybe you just have an interesting science project. Well either way pill bugs which are actually a close relative of lobsters and crabs are some ferocious scavengers. They eat plant and animal debris, living or dead. Talk about not being a picky eater. You can find more information here: http://pestcontrolcanada.com/INSECTS/pill_bugs_sow_bugs.htm
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The pill bug, also known as the sow bug, loves to eat all types of decayed animal and plant material. They also lunch on live plants too. Look here for more information: http://pestcontrolcanada.com
Spiders and frogs.
Water fleas are members of the order cladocera. They're widespread little crustaceans that grow from .008 to .24 inches long. They have a carapace that opens at the front and the
Water bugs love to lunch on algae and also other small aquatic insects. Larger water bugs will eat small fish, larger insects, snails and crustaceans.You can find more information
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