What Do Pitbulls Eat?


Pit Bull Terriers eat the same foods as any other breed of dog. It is best to look at the ingredients when choosing dog food. The first ingredient should be meat, not meat based, and it should contain no corn.
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Pit bull diet consists of fish, eggs, raw meats and bones, and extremely small amounts of greens, herbs, vegetables and fruits. Meat on bone is the best; however, putting in small amounts of boneless muscle meat is okay in addition to a raw egg two to five times a week.
Pit bulls are just like any other dog as in they eat regular dog food with meat as the main ingredient in it. You could also add some gravy or broth over the time and they will probably love you forever!
Pitbulls eat any kind of nutritional dog food that is available for dogs. They can also be feed meat, on a limited basis, to help with their protein.
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