What Do Possums Eat?


Possums eat a variety of trees and shrubs such as young shoots, leaves, flowers, nectar as well as fruits. They also eat invertebrates such as weta and snails as well as chicks and eggs of birds.
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Possums are eaten by snakes.
The opossum is an Omnivore. It will eat fruits, vegetables and also carrion, which is dead
Possums eat almost anything. Their normal diet consists of carrion, rodents, insects, frogs, and plants including fruits and grains.
Dear Kay Thanks for your question. Please note that there are two unrelated groups of marsupials called possums. There are the opossums, which are found in the Americas, and various
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Possums eat young shoots, leaves, flowers, nectar, fruits and insects.
Possums are like scavengers and will eat just about anything. They will eat fruit from your trees, they will eat whats in your garbage, rodent, plants, insects and are known to really like cat food believe it or not.
They will eat almost anything in the wild and they will also get into your garden and eat your vegetables. They have been known to get into garbage cans and tear into the garbage bags looking for food.
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Possums are definitely not picky eaters. They will eat insects, rodent, fruits, vegetables, cat food, any table scraps in your garbage and even frogs. Yuck! ...
Baby possums are fed their mother's milk. When they are older, they eat the same foods that the mother eats, which consists of carrion meat, earthworms, and other ...
Getting rid of a possum is very easy. Do not leave trash or your pet food uncovered. As soon as they do not have anything to eat, they will leave your house. ...
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