What Do Prairie Dogs Eat?


Prairie dogs eat mainly green leafy plants, insects and prairie plants. Prairie dogs are not dog species but are instead a type of rodents. They usually come out from their burrows to get food in the wild.
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Prairie dogs eat insects, grasses, leafy vegetables, leaves and other plants. They are opportunistic feeders in that for the most part they will eat what is available to them. You can find more information here: http://animals.nationalgeographic.com/animals/mammals/prairie-dog.html
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Lots of predators eat prairie dogs, and the most common would be the coyote. Other animals that eat them are owls, fox, badgers, and lots of other predatory birds ...
Prairie dogs are den rodents' inhabitants in the grasslands of North America. Some of the adaptations of the prairie dogs are: eating hydrated plants causing them ...
Prairie dogs are members of the squirrel family with black tips on their tails. The predators of the black tailed prairie dogs include coyotes, golden eagles and ...
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