What Do Prawns Eat?


Prawns are known to feed on scraps and dead creatures because they are scavengers. They will also feed on planktons which are small plants and animals found in water. Prawns often hunt for prey mostly during the night when it is dark. One can also feed them with commercial food sources.
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Eating a prawn can be quite tricky because not many people know how to peel one properly: first you need to hold the prawn in one hand and hold its sides ensuring that the legs are facing down. Secondly, snap the head of the prawn using downward force and then finally prise the shell off the body using your thumb, beginning from the under belly of the prawn. If the prawn was carrying eggs, this procedure would be quite messy.
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The U.K.'s NHS Choices does not recommend eating raw prawns during pregnancy but advises that eating cooked prawns is acceptable. This source notes that cold pre-cooked ...
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