What eats pythons?


Pythons have many predators. Young pythons are subject to predation from birds, wild dogs, hyenas, larger snakes and even insects and spiders. Adult pythons are not immune to risk and may be attacked and eaten by birds of prey, leopards and lions.

Not all pythons are huge, although Burmese pythons, African rock pythons and reticulated pythons are among the world's largest snakes. Even among the giant species, hatchlings are usually no more than 24 inches long, and the world's smallest python, the ant-hill or pygmy python, measures only about 23 inches at maturity. Pythons are particularly vulnerable when they have just eaten, as they are less active.

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Pythons may eat rodents, birds, lizards, and mammals.
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Pythons are meat feeders and predominantly eat mammals and lizards, even though some may take a sporadic bird, and a few eat other species of snakes. They may ...
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