What Do Rabbits Eat?


Pet rabbits should be fed on rabbit food in the form of mixtures of flaked cereals and pellets are a convenient way of feeding pet rabbits. Wild rabbits spend a lot of time nibbling and chewing at hard fibrous food and their common meals is grass.
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Rabbits mostly eat grass and leafy weeds. This food contains high amounts of cellulose, which is difficult to digest. To counteract that problem, rabbits eat their own feces. Pet rabbits eat timothy hay, rabbit food pellets and fresh vegetables.
These animals can be either wild or domesticated and also taken in as pets. Naturally, rabbits can live in grasslands, woodlands, farmlands, moorlands and even in sand dunes. They mainly feed on grass, clovers, other green plants and also barks of trees. Depending on their current habitat, they will have a variety to feed on.
Rabbits actually love to graze on grass. Though rabbits also enjoy fruits and vegetables as well. Rabbits are herbivores and also like a wide range of things like twigs, shoots, weeds, bark and even leaves.
Rabbits eat lettuce and carrots as well as dry rabbit food if they are kept as pets. They will forage in gardens for all kinds of leafy plants if they are in the wild.
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