What Do Raccoons Eat?


Raccoons eat a numerous variety of foods but are considered omnivores. Raccoons eat and scavenge for food all night and it depends a lot on where they live. If a raccoon lives in a heavily populated area like a city they tend to eat out of dumpsters trash cans as well as pet food and road kill.
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In the wild, a raccoon's diet is extremely diverse and includes: leaves, grains, nuts and berries. They also eat worms, crayfish, small molluscs, fish and birds. These animals generally eat anything they get their paws on.
Raccoons in the wild will eat whatever they can find, whether it is a plant or an animal. They are frequently seen digging through garbage, and may occasionally kill someone's pets if they are hungry enough. When hunting other animals food, they tend to prefer smaller prey that they can easily catch.
Raccoons are omnivores and eat a wide variety of invertebrates, plants, and vertebrates. They will eat anything from acorns and walnuts to fish and birds. The Raccoons diet can easily adjust to what food is readily available.
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Raccoons eat fish and berries and will usually not eat squirrels. They may forage on a squirrel that is already dead however. They likely will not kill one. ...
Raccoons are omnivores and eat foods from both plant and animal sources; their diet is highly dependent on the food available where they live. According to PBS.org ...
Raccoons are omnivores eating both plant and animal life.. As nocturnal feeders their diet consists of approximately 40% invertebrates, 27% vertebrates and 33 ...
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