What Do Rats Hate?


Rats hate the odour and taste of cayenne, pepper, peppermint and ammonia. These are also some of the items that you can use to safeguard the house against them. The rats are normally found underneath floor boards and will hide in the smallest of the spaces.
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Rats hate warfarin.
Mice and rats are said to hate the smell and taste of cayenne pepper, peppermint and
irish spring soap! leave a bar of it in every room in ur house and the mice will leave, they hate it! Source(s) my friend tried it in her house and told me about it, i tried it and
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There are a couple of things that rat's hate. They do not like to be bothered. They don't like to go into open spaces because they don't want for another animal to kill them. They also hate the smell of leaves from a mint plant. Everyone knows that they hate cat's.
Rats do not like to take a bath because they prefer to be dirty. They do not like light either because their eyes are sensitive to bright lights.
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Ultrasonic devices emit sound waves or vibrations that rats dislike. They also hate cats, brooms and rat traps. ...
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